Congress and Opposition Parties running like Headless Chickens to Take on Modi

In the months past Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections where BJP gained a huge majority, Congress and every other Opposition party in India has joined hands to take on BJP in 2019 Lok Sabha elections. But as of now, they seem to be running like headless chickens with no proper plans.

Isn’t it surprising that in past few months there has been an increase in violent protests across BJP ruled states. In Saharanpur of Uttar Pradesh, two communities which voted for BJP – Dalits and Rajputs, fought against each other. This was followed by a huge dalit gathering at Jantar Mantar of New Delhi led by a new outfit called the Bheem Army. Although the incident was shown as random, such organized protest and the level at which it happened reeks of political patronage.

In Kashmir, when an Army officer tied a stone pelter to his jeep to protect themselves as well as innocent civilians, politicians from CPI and Congress questioned the move. Inorder to gain political mileage, these parties even question our Army which is out defending the country.

In Madhya Pradesh, a simple protest by farmers suddenly turned violent. Several clips on youtube has shown local Congress leaders were trying to incite violence with one leader even asking the mob to put the police station on fire.

Such incidents just show that oppposition parties in India have lost the plot. They don’t have a real plan to take on Modi or the BJP in 2019 elections and are thus resorting to fuelling violence, playing caste politics and inciting violence so that the core voters get dis-illusioned by the Modi Govt. However, in the longer run such tactics won’t work and people of India would soon identify who the real culprits are.

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