EVMs with VVPAT are ready to be used for 2019 Elections

The Election Commission of India has announced that EVMs with Voter Verified Paper Audit Trails or VVPAT will be ready to be used for 2019 elections. Infact, Election Commission belives they can be used as early as Sep 2018.

Ever since UP 2017 elections voices have been raised against EVMs. From BSP leader Mayawati to AAP leader Kejriwal, every opposition party leader feels that BJP is winning elections by tampering EVMs. That the exit poll results, which are done without the EVMs, also predicted BJP victories is inconsequential for these parties. Instead of finding faults with their poll strategies and their promises to voters, they have found faults with EVMs. The Election Commission was pushed to a corner with demands for machines with Voter Verified Paper Audit Trails and despite the heavy costs involved, they decided to go ahead with VVPAT machines.

What is VVPAT?

VVPAT machines are attached to a regular EVM machine and provide a printed copy of the candidate selection done by a voter. When a voter presses the button on his EVM, the VVPAT machine will show the Party symbol and candidate name for seven seconds after which a beep will be heard followed by a printed paper as proof of the selection. Opposition parties feel this will help them identify any false voting or faulty EVMs.

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