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Chhattisgarh Map for 2019 ElectionsChhattisgarh Elections Map


  1. Chhattisgarh state was formed on 1st Nov 2000 by combining the 16 districts of Madhya Pradesh.
  2. The basis of the new state was the districts which mainly spoke the Chhattisgarhi language.
  3. Chhattisgarh comprises of 5 divisions and 27 districts which are made up of 90 Assembly constituencies. The state accounts for 11 Lok sabha seats and 5 Rajya Sabha seats.
  4. It is the 10th largest state in India with an area of 135,194 km2 (52,199 sq mi).
  5. The state accounts for over 15% of total steel production in India.
  6. The capital of Chhattisgarh is Raipur but New Raipur is set to soon take over as the new capital of the state.
  7. With population of over 28 million, the state is 17th most-populated state in India.
  8. The major political parties are BJP and Congress.

Chhattisgarh Election History and Past Results

Demand for a separate Chhattisgarh state started way back in 1920s but it was not untill 1990s that the demand gained some momentum. Chandulal Chadrakar led a political forum Chhattisgarh Rajya Nirman Manch which vociferously raised the demand for a separate state.

The first round of elections in the state was the Assembly elections in 2000 which went to the Congress andd Ajit Jogi became the first CM of the state. However they did not last the full term and fresh elections were held in 2003. Ever since then BJP led by Raman Singh has won thress consecutive elections in the state.

In Lok Sabha elections, BJP has done exceedingly well. In 2004, 2009 as well as 2014, BJP has won 10 seats as compared to just 1 of the Congress. BJP lost just the Durg seat that too by a narrow margin of just over 16 thousand votes. In 2004, BJP won 10 seats but lost the Rajnandgaon seat in by-polls. With strong Congress leader Ajit Jogi leaving the party in 2016, it’d be tough for the Congress to perform any better in 2019 elections.

One major issue with the state has been Maoist violence which still continues to run rampant. 18 districts out of 27 are facing Maoist violence with area around Bastar being the worst affected.

Congress’s only hope will be that anti-incumbancy factor will work against BJP. having ruled the state for past 15 years, BJP will be hoping that they can manage to win a fourth term in the state in 2018 Assembly polls. But if Congress manages to win 2018 state elections, it will give it a lot of hope, especially because the 2019 Parliamentary elections would be held just about 6 months after the state polls.

– Chhattisgarh state was formed in the year 2000. For previous election results of these constituencies see Madhya Pradesh Election Results.
– Janjgir and Sarangarh constituencies were removed after the delimitation act was implemented in 2008.

Constituency\Year 2004 2009 2014
1 Surguja BJP BJP BJP
2 Raigarh BJP BJP BJP
3 Janjgir-Champa   BJP BJP
4 Korba   INC BJP
5 Bilaspur BJP BJP BJP
6 Rajnandgaon BJP BJP BJP
8 Raipur BJP BJP BJP
9 Mahasamund INC BJP BJP
10 Bastar BJP BJP BJP
11 Kanker BJP BJP BJP
#N/A Janjgir BJP    
#N/A Sarangarh BJP    

Chhattisgarh Election Results 2014

2014 Chhattisgarh election results saw a repeat performance of 2009 elections as BJP won 10 out of the 11 seats and Congress winning 1 seat. Senior Congress leader and former CM Ajit Jogi lost from Mahasamund seat which was a big setback for the Congress. BSP led by Mayawati contested all 11 seats in the state but with just 2.44% vote share they did not manage to win any seats. BJP got 24.83% vote share while Congress got 19.55% votes.


Voter Info
Candidate Summary

211 Candidates took part in the 2014 Chhattisgarh elections and almost 80% lost their deposits! BJPP candidate Vishnu Deo Saifrom Kishanganj got the highest votes (662478), lowest votes were polled by an Independent candidate Horilal Yadav from Raipur who got just 662 votes.

    Men Woman
General Seats 6 139 13
SC Seats 2 13 2
ST Seats 4 38 6
Election Results

Chhattisgarh 2019 Parliamentary Election Constituencies

Chhattisgarh will have 11 Lok Sabha Constituencies for the 2019 Elections. 4 constituencies are reserved for Scheduled Tribes, 1 for Scheduled Castes and remaining 6 are General category seats. To have a detailed look at 2019 poll predictions, past election results and constituency maps, please click the links below:

1. Sarguja 2. Raigarh 3. Janjgir Champa 4. Korba 5. Bilaspur 6. Rajnandgaon 7. Durg 8. Raipur 9. Mahasamund 10. Bastar 11. Kanker
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