South Goa Election Results, Constituency Map

South Goa Lok Sabha Constituency Map
South Goa Lok Sabha Constituency Map

Reservation General
Constituency No. 2
Current MP Adv. Narendra Keshav Sawaikar
Current MP Adv. Narendra Keshav Sawaikar
Party BJP
Elected Year 2014
State Goa
Total Electors 545336
Most Successful Party INC/BJP (1 time)

South Goa Constituency Result and List of MPs

South Goa constituency came into existence in 2008 after the delimitation rules were applied. In 2009 it elected a Congress candidate and in 2014 Goa elections it has chosen a BJP candidate. This constituency represents the earstwhile Mormugao constituency. This is a constituency dominated by catholic Christians and upper-caste Hindus.

South Goa Election Results 2014

South Goa election results in 2014 saw BJP candidate Adv. Narendra Keshav Sawaikar winning from this constituency. He is the first non-Christian candidate to win from here. He had earlier contested in 2009 as well but was defeated by Congress candidate.

Voter Info
Poll Summary
No. Of AC Segments 20
No Of Polling Station 797
Electors 545336
Avg. No Of Electors Per Poll Booth 684
Nominations 14
Contestants 12
Forfeited Deposits 10
Polling Date 12-Apr-14
Counting Date 16-May-14
Declaration of Results 16-May-14
And The Winner Is...

Below is a list of candidates who contested from South Goa constituency for the 2014 Parliamentary Election:

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